RM213: Virginia Says "The Registry Is Non Punitive"

RM213: Virginia Says “The Registry Is Non Punitive”

We’ve going to do a deep dive into a case from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. The case involved a recently turned 18 year old and a relationship with his high-school girlfriend and he’s now on the registry for life. Not so much a great ending to the story unfortunately. And then we have a few questions to answer.

[1:23] Question from a family member about rehabilitation in prison during Covid

[6:08] Question about a “coding error” on the Tennessee website

[18:43] Question regarding the constitutionality of policies and procedures for those in Connecticut

[22:06] John Doe v. Colonel Gary Settle (No. 20-1951)
Doe v Settle Fourth Circuit_Virginia

[52:12] https://www.vox.com/22906309/supreme-court-death-penalty-alabama-intellectually-disabled-hamm-reeves


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