RM222: Realistic Living While On Supervision

RM222: Realistic Living While On Supervision

On RM222, we have a couple cases we’re going to dig into. One has an obvious relationship to the registry. The second one, not so much. We have a few questions to go over and a series of questions relating to living while on the registry.

[2:09] Question from Colorado relating to moving to another state

[12:33] Followup on some details of those confined at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

[16:24] Comment from NARSOL Social on voting against your own self interest

[21:29] Navigating probation conditions while on the registry. How much living can you do

[35:12] Discussion regarding a case in Boise, Idaho filed by homeless individuals and how it relates to PFRs

[46:43] Discussion regarding the imminent execution of Melissa Lucio


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