RM289: Protecting Your Liberties: Mastering the Art of Not Speaking to the Police with Chance Oberstein

RM289: Protecting Your Liberties: Mastering the Art of Not Speaking to the Police with Chance Oberstein

In this episode of Registry Matters, we were joined by Chance Oberstein. Mr. Oberstein is a criminal attorney representing clients throughout California. Since starting practice, he has handled hundreds of cases involving misdemeanor and felony crimes at the state and federal level. Today, his primary focus is sex crimes and post-conviction relief. Mr. Oberstein is highly trained in this complex area of the law and has had many years of experience negotiating with prosecutors, litigating in court, and obtaining exceptional case outcomes. Also, he is the former president of The Alliance for Constitutional Sexual Offense Laws.

[3:14] Talking to the police is bad. Larry provides several reasons why one should not talk to the police, emphasizing that even innocent individuals may face risks in doing so. Some of the key points from Chance include the idea that the police may misinterpret or selectively include statements in their reports, lack the authority to negotiate beneficial deals, and that anything said can be used against the individual. Larry also exposes common tricks the police use to encourage cooperation, such as false promises, lies, and the illusion of having evidence. Overall, the advice is to remain silent, assert the right to remain silent and seek legal counsel to handle interactions with the police.

[48:43] Bruce Henry versus Ron Abernathy: The case involves Bruce Henry, a person convicted of possession of child pornography, challenging Alabama’s PFR registration statute that prohibits PFRs from residing with their own biological children. The court recognizes the fundamental right of parents in the care, custody, and control of their children, emphasizing that this right is deeply rooted in the nation’s history and tradition. Alabama’s sex offender scheme is criticized as comprehensive and debilitating, and the court upholds Henry’s right to reside with his son despite the state’s restrictions.


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The Registry Matters Podcast’s mission is to cover issues surrounding the Registry. We cover cases that will peel back the veneer of what we need to do to change our lives for the better. We cover news articles that spark conversations about the total insanity of this modern day witch hunt. This podcast will call out bad policy and call out those that are making bad policy.

To change things for the positive, we need to act. We are 6-7-8-900k strong. With that many people, plus their friends and family, over a million people are affected by the registry. We should be able to secure donations to hire lawyers and lobbyists to move the agenda in our favor. We need our people to be represented.

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