RM48: Fear Mongering By Your Sheriff

Larry and Andy have a halloween extravaganza! An interview with Ken Ackerman who was sitting in during the case in Nebraska regarding registering minors. Also three listener questions and by then, there’s only time for a couple articles. One from Reason magazine that talks about the various places locking people up on Halloween. And also, a Sheriff in Missouri is handing out signs for registrants.
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One thought on “RM48: Fear Mongering By Your Sheriff

  1. I knew my victims personally. I have never used the Internet to solicit sex from a child. Never even been accused of it. Those of us on lifetime supervision are simply told “STAY OFF FACEBOOK! STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA.” The restriction is NOT tailored to simply prohibit a supervised offender from using social media to communicate with children. We’re banned across the board. I have Internet. I just can’t use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Those who have Internet access are told to stay off social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Linked-In)

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