RM54: Why Bi-partisian Legislation is a Blankety-Blank

Here we have the latest episode of Registry Matters. Andy posits how the registry isolates people that may cause people to do less than desirable things; Our criminal justice system removes parents from their kids permanently; Is bail reform going well and is it a good thing; Who exactly is holding up the vote on CJ reform; Are we draining the swamp in Florida; Tyranny in supervision; Bi-Partisanship …. what more needs to be said.

[6:40] https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/neuroscientist-thinks-one-way-to-fight-opioid-addiction-is-to-tackle-loneliness/2018/11/30/8f651440-f33d-11e8-80d0-f7e1948d55f4_story.html

[16:00] https://www.themarshallproject.org/2018/12/03/how-incarcerated-parents-are-losing-their-children-forever

[22:30] https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2018/12/07/lessons-from-california-and-new-jersey-bail-reform-legislation/

[32:30] https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/420331-trump-tells-mcconnell-to-let-senate-vote-on-criminal-justice-reform

[39:40] http://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/12/08/florida-senate-presidents-new-job-with-private-prison-operator-doesnt-surprise-advocates/

[48:00] https://fox61.com/2018/12/06/state-sentencing-commission-considering-controversial-changes-to-sex-offender-laws/

[1:05:30] https://kutv.com/news/local/sen-orrin-hatchs-child-pornography-victim-assistance-act-signed-into-law

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5 thoughts on “RM54: Why Bi-partisian Legislation is a Blankety-Blank

  1. Well, very nice to see that victims of child pornography will have the chance to be compensated, but how? Any offender charged with the crime will most likely NEVER be able to secure a job near good enough to make restitution in their lifetime. Still putting the cart before the horse……

  2. Do you think it is right to make people with a sex crime to have to continue to pay for their sin even after they have already paid for it in prison ? You look for God to forgive you of your sins , But why should he if you will not forgive others ? You might want to remember that God will ask you on Judgement day , Why didn’t you forgive others as I did you ? Vengeance does not belong to you are any other human , Vengeance is mine said the lord. God damned Lucifer to hell for trying to run his business and he will do the same for you. Jesus gave you an example of what to do , When he forgave the woman at the well that was caught in the very act of Adultery. If you don’t follow Jesus , You will never see the Father. For Jesus is your only way to the Father. Gods word say that if you hate your brother you are a murderer, and all murders liars any such have no part of Eternal life.

  3. There is no doubt that the registry keeps the majority of SO’s isolated. As well as thousands panicking, vital questions needing answered and not sure where to go to ask them. The worse part, is when most just need to be a part of a support group, but you get left to yourself with no one to hear your troubles. I’ve made an app to help with that, completely free, and no desire to profit at all. An app that can be used by all ex offenders, in any state. I put a lot of work into it, so I hope it turns into a solution for those still isolated. It’s called Ex-SOS, for Ex sex offenders. I really hope it helps, so no one ever has to feel the devastating depression I felt, that comes from feeling hated by everyone, and no one to talk to. It’ll launch on the google play store in a few days. I’ll take every precaution to ensure it remains a safe and comfortable place for us.

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