RM56: Has America Turned The Corner On CJ Reform

The First Step Act passed the senate this week. As a Christmas bonus, we cover the bill and it’s passage. We have been covering it’s passage (or stalling really) for the past month to finally reach this point.

First Step Act passed the senate 87-12


Thanks to NARSOL volunteers for manning our holiday helpline

Reroll of the quote:
“I think solitary confinement is wrong, and our sentences in this country are eight times longer than sentences for comparative crimes in Europe.”
Anthony Kennedy

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2 thoughts on “RM56: Has America Turned The Corner On CJ Reform

  1. This is sooooo interesting and very disconcerting. I will be sharing this with a friend who wants to move to California after there law changes in 2020…..Everyone is screwed!

  2. Judith I have to agree with you on this one. That’s why I got out from the Criminal Justice Studies I took back in College as it seems that CJ wants to go one way and where is the reform. I know prison is bad enough when one is callously tempted up in the system. For the sex offender as with any other offender it should be weighed and balanced out and it is not scaled right. I’m sure that if it wasn’t for the internet a lot of people wouldn’t be in prisons or detention and type casted for life. I hate to say this but where is honesty in CJ systems in many of these cases. For the sex offender it seems the Ace in the hole for them.

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