RM57: Is The System Targeting LGBTQ

Larry and Andy move into Episode 57. Recording from their super secret bunker. A listener asks a question about being removed from the registry in one state, then moving to another; What should a listener in Florida do regarding college admissions; A new listener in Virginia asks about supreme court decisions and considering increased restrictions as expo facto; FOSTA/SESTA has caused many public Internet sites to remove anything related to adult content; The CBO predicts that the First Step Act will increase public spending, versus decrease it; A man exonerated by DNA evidence still has to register in Tennessee; Is the CJ system designed to target the LGBTQ community?

[25:00] https://www.thedailybeast.com/sex-workers-fear-tumblr-ban-will-destroy-their-bottom-line

[35:30] https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/14/cbo-estimate-criminal-justice-bill-1066505

[40:00] https://fox17.com/news/ferrier-files/ferrier-files-man-cleared-of-child-rape-by-dna-parole-board-wont-recognize-it

[44:10] https://reason.com/archives/2018/12/18/dead-suspect-loophole-texas-police-jail

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2 thoughts on “RM57: Is The System Targeting LGBTQ

  1. The idea that the TN Board of Probation and Parole can gratuitously ignore a ruling from the courts and keep a man PROVEN COMPLETELY INNOCENT of child rape based on DNA evidence on the registry is beyond me. There seriously needs to be a lawsuit filed. This man needs to sue TN for wrongful prosecution and mental anguish, especially in view of the fact that the series of events set in motion by the state pursuant to a wrongful prosecution led to the man’s son’s suicide.

    I am outraged beyond words. I really am. Surely his lawyer’s not just going to say, “Well, I tried, but it didn’t work. Oh well….” and give up. Hopefully he’ll dig in like a pit bull and fight this all the way out. Why would anyone want to keep a factually innocent man or woman on the registry? What kind of sick twisted souls would do that to another human being?

    No agency should ever be able to set themselves above the courts. If courts can even block actions by the President, surely a piddly little probation/parole board can’t get by with thumbing its nose at a court ruling.

    • There needs to be a group of registrants supporting this guy and in officials faces FOR him. He knows and can empathise with the onerous nature of SOR even though he’s never been guilty at all. I am another man on the list erroneously! It happens! There are many completely innocent people in jail and or on P&P, in prison. That is how police states operate. Are they wrong for their usurpation yes!, but that’s how union thugs operate their protection rackets. It is time to stop thinking the people can not be tucked over by those who lead us. They already know!

      Thousands of ex post registrants in Wisconsin are covered by the registry obligation despite a law that on it’s face rules them uncovered by date. 301.45 1g (a). Even if you were guilty the law itself (a) sets a conviction date of December 25, 1993. State DAs ignore the plain words in favor of (b), (c) the expost. No constitutional boundary be. Pure smoke!

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