In this episode, we are joined by Josh Hoe of The Decarceration Nation Podcast (here). The Attorney General in Michigan released an amicus curiae on Friday, and we needed an expert to unpack that. We also handled a question from a Patron in Wisconsin about the state of GPS and all of the ramifications therein; Shocker news: Public Defenders are overworked; Warming center opened up to provide relief from the cold, but not registrants. You get to stay cold; Also, at least two reported deaths of registrants who froze to death in the recent polar vortex; Can you bring up past history in current trial?; Inmates detained in New York go without heat, during the polar vortex; Stop having sex when you turn 18 to avoid prosecution, in Floriduh; Feminist suggests reconsidering #MeToo, that there should be confrontation and due process; Kentucky is challenging the referendum of Marcy’s Law; And finally, the AG in Michigan says the current registry is punitive, and a lot more to go with it.

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