RM64: Judge forbids Sex Offender Marking On License

An amazing decision out of Alabama is the feature segment on this episode. We also covered a question from Patreon supporter mike in FL regarding the 6th circuit decision and the larger ramifications; A voicemail question from a Patreon listener in Alaska; Article on if we should cap prison sentences at 20  years – provides a very compelling argument; Public defenders in Wisconsin are lowest paid in the nation. It’s not really much either; Marcy’s law is really a bad plan. A victim isn’t having their liberties removed. This is horrible public policy; Retired Detroit homicide detective found with boxes of evidence in his home; Questioning the victim of a crime isn’t re-victimization; Iowa says it’s a burden to do compliance checks of offenders. They want to hire civilians to do it; Police officers want to give registrant data to private corporation to assist in tracking offenders; Last but not least for sure, Alabama judge pushes back on registrants restrictions

[29:50] https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2019/2/12/18184070/maximum-prison-sentence-cap-mass-incarceration

[39:00] https://www.wpr.org/how-low-compensation-public-defenders-impacting-wisconsin

[42:20] https://mississippitoday.org/2019/02/13/victims-rights-bill-pushed-by-california-billionaire-quietly-up-for-debate-in-legislature/

[49:20] https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2019/02/08/ex-detroit-homicide-cop-found-locker-full-old-evidence/2812429002/

[56:50] TV star alleges assault – asking for evidence isn’t re-victimizing

[1:01:40] https://www.weareiowa.com/news/local-news/county-proposing-new-way-of-tracking-sex-offenders/1777082067

[1:09:40] http://www.govtech.com/public-safety/Police-Hope-Software-Can-Help-Avoid-Losing-Sex-Offenders.html

[1:13:50] https://floridaactioncommittee.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/doe-v-marshall-10.pdf

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4 thoughts on “RM64: Judge forbids Sex Offender Marking On License

  1. Who in their right mind would think that posting Sex Offender on a license doesn’t amount to harassment. Why don’t we pass out yellow armbands and be just like the Nazi’s of old? 20 years is a maximum cap on a sentence? Well I guess it’s a step in the right direction but it’s completely arbitrary. The truth is that every cell in your body is replaced after 7 years. Therefore the person you threw into prison 7 years ago isn’t there anymore. 7 years should amount to a life sentence and nothing more than that.

  2. I was unsuccessfully trying to sleep tonight because of back pain and itching so I began thinking about this decision. It came from a federal court which means that it carries the weight of federal law. The same laws from the government that makes your passports. If it is no longer permitted to place the words sex offender on an Alabama drivers license then the same ruling should apply to a passport. They are both forms of identification, one state and the other federal. Of course Alabama will appeal the decision but it is hard to deny the judges reasoning behind his ruling. This is one judge that really knows whats going on and isn’t afraid to stick his neck out trying to fix the problem. Too bad there aren’t more like him. The federal government has no jurisdiction in any other country, that being the case the federal government has no business whatsoever informing other countries of a persons status as a sex offender. I have no objection to the monitoring of sex offenders inside the United States as long as it remains in law enforcement’s hands, but the government has no jurisdiction in another country and therefore no reason or responsibility to inform another country about your status.

    • If criminals are going to be monitored…Lets monitor MURDERER’S, drug dealers, and wife/husband beaters!! Sex offenders have one of the LOWEST recidivism rates of ANY felon!!
      I WANT to know I have a murderer/drug dealer in my neighborhood!! Their recidivism rate is 50% – 62% for drug dealers…. 83% within 9 years for MURDERER’S!! —– Sex Offenders = 3.5%!!!!

      (all numbers from Bureau of Justice Statistics, WAPO, and the United State Commission on Sentencing.)

      • careful what you ask for though. Murderers do not have a 50% recidivism rate btw. Perhaps drug dealers do. But that isn’t really the issue.
        As my cohost often says, would you stand at the other end of a field. Allow me to load up a Gatling gun with 97 blanks, but 3 live rounds and let it rip? You’d likely not be happy being on the other end of that exchange just the same. You will not be able to defend against, if it saves only one.

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