RM71: Illinois Rules On Sex Offenders Unconstitutional

In this first episode of April, we received a large amount of questions and voicemail; we cover a news item that shows strong support for people using or purchasing products that hire formerly incarcerated people; A man in Missouri soon to be executed requested a different method of execution, and SCOTUS denied it – the 8th Amendment doesn’t guarantee a painless death, but does prevent there from being a more painful death; And how inconsistent we are with providing a religious advisor at an execution based on different religions; Instead of revealing the software tools being used, prosecutors drop charges after being questioned; College student sentenced to 12 years in prison and he says he didn’t do it; Another shocker, Alabama prison has “Horrendously inadequate” medical treatment; Decision from Illinois where individuals are held past their release date, thus violating their constitutional rights.

[20:40] https://www.charleskochinstitute.org/news/new-survey-consumers-endorse-businesses-employ-people-criminal-records/

[25:00] https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47780123

[37:00] https://www.propublica.org/article/prosecutors-dropping-child-porn-charges-after-software-tools-are-questioned#159829

[47:10] https://www.vibe.com/2019/04/college-student-sentenced-to-over-12-years-in-prison-for-rape-but-didnt-have-sex-with-victim

[53:20] https://www.npr.org/2019/04/03/709475746/doj-report-finds-violence-in-alabama-prisons-common-cruel-pervasive

[59:00] https://narsol.org/2019/04/federal-judge-continuing-incarceration-beyond-the-sentence-in-illinois-is-unconstitutional/

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5 thoughts on “RM71: Illinois Rules On Sex Offenders Unconstitutional

  1. Have you ever heard of a situation where a registrant (NOT ON ANY OTHER SUPERVISION OF ANY KIND) has wanted to move to another state and was told by the destination state that if they didn’t have a job or family already in that state that they won’t allow you to move there?

    It seems I read somewhere years ago that states are reluctant to let registered citizens to just move in unless they are moving to come to a job or if they have family in the state. If they’re just wanting to move for the sake of moving, I’ve heard they have been turned down.

    • I don’t think that can be a thing. Off of supervision, you can go where you want – right?
      Then depending on the state, you have to follow their rules.

  2. Once off supervision, interstate travel is deemed a very strong right. At least that’s what I have read in times past.

    • I had heard of this conundrum while doing time, I think. That is where I heard that now that I think of it…in prison and you know how a rumor mill churns in prison.

  3. “I don’t know that he didn’t have sex.” That’s true in every sex offense case that didn’t happen in public with witnesses.

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