RM80: Live from the 2019 NARSOL Conference in Houston, Texas

RM80: Live from the 2019 NARSOL Conference in Houston, Texas

We recorded in front of a huge studio audience at the NARSOL conference in Houston, Texas.  It was a bit impromptu. But even with that, we had a fantastic audience! Thank you for joining us!

We talked about our initial impressions of the conference. We then moved into a few articles. We discussed things with the audience. And finally we had our weekly Scalia clip regarding the constitutionality of the death penalty. There may, or may not, be a conversation about shower heads.

It was really a very special time. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support. It is humbles us beyond words.

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One thought on “RM80: Live from the 2019 NARSOL Conference in Houston, Texas

  1. Well for once this podcast gets a thumbs up from me and Andy whatever F.Y. P. means I take the fifth on it. I believe Larry would agree with that. Are we a broke or a broken group of people. Sure a lot of sex offenders can’t get a job because of this ordeal they are going thru. Some are even homeless or considered branded. I believe one of you guys talked about “seed money”, well sure some liked to get paid and than there are some that look for justice in this “true grit” due process ordeal that seems to turn out to be a plea deal offered by the DA. Talk about a gun fight at the O.K. coral.

    Even Brenda chimed in with a word that caught my ear, it was the word decision. One wonders who makes a decision to play the harlot in a lot of these conspiricy games. Decision’s and a choice’s are very different. Is this a type of vanity principal or part of the game? Even proverbs 16:8 would tell you that this country’s check and balance system needs a bit of overhaul in its true justice.

    One wonders if two wrongs make a right. Yet government allows abortions, We could talk about homosexuality but we don’t want to go that route, so is the sex offender registry a propaganda thing or is it established to protect with this public inducment via the internet or some other crafty scheme. Some would even hate to tackle gun control laws. One side could be right and the other side could be wrong. Could one image how the Civil war would be with out some form of weaponry. So where is morality or any true principals today.

    Is liberty a gift or does government has the right to take it away with this callous safety inducment of playing the teenage hooker. Frabricated in a lot of these ordeals althought lying and deceiving are not fabricated. Is there any intergity in government today.

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