RM81: AK High Court Law Requiring All Sex Offenders To Register Unconstitutional

RM81: AK High Court Law Requiring All Sex Offenders To Register Unconstitutional

In this somewhat abbreviated episode, which we recorded in our super secret hideaway bunker, we cover the recent Alaska ruling requiring all registrants to register unconstitutional. But before we get there, we talked about people being restricted from libraries, and what it means that FaceBook is a publicly traded, but private company; Florida is at it again forcing registrants from the new(ish) home, but where do they go???; Pittsburgh warns registrants of a phone scam working its way through their ranks; Cuba Gooding Jr and Brian Singer accused of sexual misconduct and will try to defend himself from those allegations – he believes the system will treat him fairly; Cop uses SnapChat filter to switch his gender to nab people looking to hookup with a teen girl; We have a clip of Scalia talking about interpreting the law; and of course, this great decision out of Alaska regarding requiring all registrants to register as unconstitutional.

[13:00] https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/homeless-sex-offenders-booted-offered-shelter-by-frank-diazs-united-we-all-can-11191829

[20:40] https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2019/06/10/sex-offender-phone-scam/

[25:20] https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Student-Uses-Snapchats-Gender-Switch-Filter-to-Nab-Cop-Allegedly-Looking-to-Hook-Up-With-Teen-Girl-511113282.html

[32:22] https://www.ozy.com/presidential-daily-brief/pdb-94954/hetoo-94968

[48:20] https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/courts/alaska-supreme-court-says-law-requiring-all-sex-offenders-to-register-is-unconstitutional

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6 thoughts on “RM81: AK High Court Law Requiring All Sex Offenders To Register Unconstitutional

  1. “The court didn’t, however, overturn the law. Instead, it sided with the state’s argument that public safety interests justify the infringement of offenders’ civil rights. If the law were to be declared invalid, the court argued, dismantling the registry would threaten public safety until the Legislature found a suitable replacement.”

    So a person has to prove they are not dangerous, which I am not even sure how you prove that, but the State does not have to prove this is actually protecting the public?

  2. It’s deplorable that Facebook would give in to public hysteria without the benefit of looking at real facts concerning people on the registry. First, if someone on the registry is using their real name to connect to the social media world, versus establishing a fake account, then logic would dictate that this individual is less likely to try “luring victims” in light of their identity being publicly known (read: their past conduct, conviction). Facebook offers many entrepreneurial opportunities for millions of people, and to be automatically barred, as a result of one’s past mistakes, contravenes the philosophy of the founding fathers, particularly Jefferson, who wrote: “…the highest perfection of intellectual nature lies in careful and constant pursuit of true and solid happiness.” Being precluded from using Facebook is a direct denial of my being able to pursue marketing opportunities, potentially reaching thousands of Facebook users who may be interested in my books, my invention, and other creative efforts of which I hope to capitalize on. My pursuit of happiness is effectively being tread upon.

    Yet, that’s just one aspect of being denied a pathway to happiness. My family and friends use Facebook to stay connected with each other. It is a source of familial news and updates. Facebook, indirectly, is ostracising me from the very people who care and love me, but who live at a distance, and uses Facebook (FB) as a convenient means to connect en masse. Some of my family members don’t understand why I don’t have a FB page. I did, have one, for a minute, before FB disabled my account. Afterward, through research, I soon realized FB policy did not allow people on the registry to have accounts. Not only was I dismayed, but my family continues to wonder why I’m stuck in the “olden times”, and refuse to connect via online like modern folks. If they only knew; I’m too embarrassed to tell them the truth: my past mistakes prevent me from being present. I hope things change.

  3. Chrispus, tell your family and friends the truth, don’t lie to them, ever…things will only change with your family and friends when you are up front, direct and honest. Own your past, make your future…

  4. Andys,
    Facing an FTR as I type. I’m certain I’m going to win the jury over using the original judgment \ notice of conviction of sex case in 91 to WIN. I’ll be calling g the clerk of courts and others to the stand in my best defense. I’ve never moved out of jurisdiction in which I was convicted. Here in the same circuit from 91, but different court house. It is partly her stamp that makes commitments to DOC Lawful. A ” must have” by statute. STATE of Wisconsin can produce no judgment to a life term. Life terms by stat are reserved for class A felony Sec 345.
    Let’s chat by phone and discuss questions I’ll put to DOC AGENT SOR.

  5. Freedomwriter I like that, and yes its true law enforcement can trip up anyone. I’m sure we all don’t like many of these methods to punish others or to say this person'[s dangerous and this person is not. Sure its about kids but adults can be unruley at times.

    This sex thing could be compaired to a drug trappment of buying and selling dopebut its really one myght say about human behavior and a bit of corruption tied into all this in many ways. I’m sure each state pulls in a lot of income from all this.

    Labeling well I can live with it but many can’t thats why we need to stop this gun ho debauchery in many facets. Speaking up is the best method for true justice. Where is infriengment of rights, infringement of true justice. before one thing leads to another.

  6. I hope things dont change. Unfortunately , some people are caught in a battle where parents didn’t agree with a concentual situation and some have cases starting as a juvenile and the only respite the world gets from them is their time in prison. I do have empathy for those that had relationships of love only to be hated by unapproving family….not so much the latter. As someone that had their childhood/adolescent years stripped from someone that made preying on others a hobby of grotesque self satisfaction, i feel that is one less to worry about. You think your opportunities are dim? What about all the miss opportunities as a result of trauma YOU CAUSED? You ever stop n think bout victims of your “past mistakes,”? How bout children that result from it? A life that began through tragedy…You took futures, goals, and destroyed families. You mentally destroyed more people than you would ever acknowledge, yet, your complaint is you can’t capitalize through Facebook? That’s very interesting mindset.Im taken back not just of the selfishness, but the audacity, honestly. I pray that no one does to your family what u chose to do to other’s. I especially pray, its not someone that you open YOUR home to and help out! May God Bless you and yours! There are mistaken pedo/rapist then there is the real deal…

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