Today’s episode tackles the ramifications of the “hot off the press” Gundy decision from The Supreme Court. Does this make things better, or worse, or neither for the registrant community?

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We do begin with articles from around the country, starting with a listener question asking for an opinion from Larry on a statement made by Justice Thomas and reversing demonstrably erroneous decisions; Alabama politician Hurst says it should be mandatory surgical castration and some ought to die for those convicted of sex crimes against children; Lawmakers in Queens extend statute of limitations for 2nd and 3rd degree rape; A repairman finds naughty material on a customers computer, that customer now has a felony conviction; Victims and survivors of crimes are not experts on crime; Those that qualify for compassionate release often don’t have the resources to have representation to qualify; A decrease in the exclusion zones increase where registrants can live from 1.4% to 15% of the county; Journalist compiles the stats from watching 30 years of episodes of “Cops” – it shows this is coloring our view of policing; In Colorado, and being a minor, having pictures of your junk, or someones else’s junk is a crime; It is a failing of humanity to force aging (or anybody) to live outdoors, but that’s what is happening in Florida; And finally we get the legal analysis of the Gundy decision from Larry.











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