RM83: Court Blocks TN Law That Removes Parents From Home

RM83: Court Blocks TN Law That Removes Parents From Home

On this weeks podcast, which was supposed to an off week, we cover the breaking new that Tennessee was notifying registrants that they are required to move out of their homes. SB 425 didn’t sneak in behind the scenes. It was introduced in January, and finally sign into law in May. It takes affect on July 1st. Fortunately, a temporary restraining order has been granted. Stay tuned for July 11th.

We also cover a SCOTUS decision regarding judges giving additional jail time beyond the original sentence; DeBary increases residency restrictions from 1,000 ft to 2,500 ft; and Sheriff in Giles county Tennessee claims registrants move from Alabama for more lenient laws

[2:30] https://www.yahoo.com/news/supreme-court-rules-sex-offender-140851131.html
USA v Haymond_2019

[10:20] https://www.beacononlinenews.com/news/debary-tentatively-oks-tougher-sex-offender-law/article_0d829946-9902-11e9-8350-43ea6fa93480.html

[17:10] https://www.wkrn.com/news/local-news/giles-county-sheriff-sex-offenders-move-to-tennessee-for-lax-laws/

[26:40] Scalia

[35:00] https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2019/06/28/lawsuit-tn-law-banning-sex-offenders-living-own-children/1587425001/
Complaint_DE 1
SB 425 Fiscal Note_3-10-19
McNally declaration_DE 5-4
McNally declaration_DE 5-4 – Copy

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