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RM49: Gov’t Using Tools and Power that are Putting People In Danger

We have a new Patron explosion! 3 new Patrons this week. Thank you so much to Ellen, Brian and Chante! Larry goes in depth answering a listener question about Interstate Compacts; Recap from the anti-holiday, Halloween; What are the limits of anonymous speech; What happens when you refuse treatment?; Oh yeah, a problem with guilty pleas; Medical examiner gets promoted after death of man in lock-up; State of supervision in the US; Low unemployment in US means fewer guards in prison; CA Governor vetoes bills that would harm registrants; Does your appearance influence your sentence outcome?; For profit medical services sued nearly 1400 times; Police in Tulsa worried about new registrant laws; Pedo hunters on camera in the UK; How do you vote on Tuesday if you’re in jail?

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RM48: Fear Mongering By Your Sheriff

Larry and Andy have a halloween extravaganza! An interview with Ken Ackerman who was sitting in during the case in Nebraska regarding registering minors. Also three listener questions and by then, there’s only time for a couple articles. One from Reason magazine that talks about the various places locking people up on Halloween. And also,…

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RM47: Internet Bans Are Draconian, Also Unconstitutional

Andy and Larry celebrate one year of doing the podcast. Whodathunk it would have made it this far. The show this week covers sealing of records for felons, solitary confinement is simply not cool; can you refuse to let police into your house without a warrant?; can you be jailed for being homeless?, changing the laws after your conviction in NC; Providence RI has mobs at your doorstep; registrant in CA is suing that the registry is unconstitutional, and Internet Bans Are Draconian and Unconstitutional

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RM46 – Hooligans Shall Not Trick-or-Treat

A huge range of subjects covered on this weeks Registry Matters podcast.  We cover 3 listener voicemails; one regarding having your DOB on the registry website, and another about the TN statute locking registrants down for 11 days!; Fines and jail time for teenagers trick-or-treating; Lawsuit filed in TX over ex-post-facto claim; 

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RM45: Courts Are Not Roving Tribunals

This week has Larry and Andy covering a listener question from Tennessee about Halloween house arrest for 11 days?? Crazy! How you end up on the registry, but not committing a sexual offense. New York has insane restrictions; Trump said “It’s a very scary time for young men in America”; Restoring a balance to campus…

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RM44: Why Your Delusionality Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Larry and Andy talk about investigating cases three decades after the alleged event; In Texas, Persons who have finished their sentence are sucked back into the registry after dozens of years; Civil commitment patents released by doctors, and victims advocates haven’t had enough; Man alleged to have kidnapped a woman, gets probation and no registry;…

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RM43: The Insider’s Guide to Judicial Activism

Today’s episode will leave you completely informed on does a presidential nominee have a background check done by the FBI, or CIA, etc; What is the current state of the SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh, does he have the right to confront his accuser; is he held to a higher standard; Autopsies done on prisoners reveal that…

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RM42 – What the World Would Be Like If Confrontation Clauses Didn’t Exist

This week brings us to Episode 42 of the podcast. We are deeply humbled receiving yet another patron, Tim! Thank you to all of our patrons for supporting the show.

Does NARSOL get credit for the shelters being open during the hurricane in the Carolinas? Press release here:

We delve into the weeks news and comments with some good news, but also some bad. You’ve made it to the big screen – Oh wait, your past gets your scene removed from the movie; “I forgot” to tell you about my social media accounts – in jail on $50k bond; We have a mindset of cruelty when considering our criminal justice system and we need to rethink it; Is there actually benefits to being on social media – like being social?; A case of NIMBY in Wisconsin; Washington state has vigilantes trying to publish their on registry lists; NJ Congresswoman has a list of things to fixing the US prison problem – Liberal doogooders!; It might be a great time to get a job as a formerly incarcerated; Can you please give me my confrontation clause; Convicted of certain crimes, no SNAP benefits for you; Don’t assume that you’re approved to go to a school event; Nebraska is confused when registering juveniles.

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RM41 – Your Situation Is Not Unique

Welcome to Registry Matters Episode 41! Who would believe people would listen to a couple of nuts talk about the registry in such overwhelming numbers! Thank you!
On the docket this week is a patron question about being removed from the registry in Florida; a question from a listener about what happens if a chuck/school pops up within the range of where you live; Civil commitment continues to come up. Spoiler: it is constitutional; Does the US actually spend more on inmates or students; What is the nexus of police misconduct; Judges making their own decisions; Is going to a school to vote a loophole for registrants; Who has the final authority in binding arbitration; SO registry doesn’t improve public safety; and sadly, your situation is not unique

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RM40 – Don’t Hold Back Your Social Media Password

The Registry Matters Podcast moves into episode 40 this week. First up is to self congratulate for reaching > 100 YouTube subscribers. We have a branded YouTube Channel!!! Hooray. An article from the Economist posits why support for the death penalty is going up; Failure to report your social media passwords could put you behind bars; The California Bail bill might not be as great as everyone things; New sexual misconduct rules from the feds; Officer who shot 15y/o gets 15 years; Defendants pay to plead guilty in PA; a decision from the 7th circuit court of appeals against the homeless; Criminal justice system in SF waives fees for 21k people; an opinion piece by Lenore Skenazy; Intellectually challenged teen has sentence removed, but still in treatment to reduce recidivism; and podcast interview w/ Emily Horowitz. WOW! All of that content this week. Holy cow.

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