RM39 – How Coerced Testimonies Are Like A School Bully

On the Registry Matters Podcast Episode 39: It is a mostly hire formerly incarcerated list of topics. But first there is the story where the police staffer says registrants should be shot; Why you should hire someone who went to prison; Failed background checks in Idaho; Nationwide prison labor strike; California prison volunteer firefighters denied jobs on the outside; Former AG says broad coalition aims to break over-incarceration; California could lead the way in CJ reform; SO registry is mandatory collateral consequences; you’re far more likely to be killed by a police officer than for an officer to be killed; And lastly a major deep dive into a case of coerced testimony in Illinois that has some very surprising language from the court.

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[3:24] KARK.com: Little Rock Police Staffer Implies in All-Staff Email Sex Offenders Should be Shot

[16:48] From Ozy.com: Why You Should Hire Someone Who Went To Prison

[25:30] Flawed System: Background Checks For Prospective Idaho High School Coaches Unreliable

[32:17] US inmates stage nationwide prison labor strike over ‘modern slavery’

[37:18:] USA Today: Inmates who volunteer to fight California’s largest fires denied access to jobs on release

[40:36]Law.com: Yates Says Broad Coalition Aims to Break ‘Over-Incarceration’ Cycle Despite Trump Shifts

[45:00] The Sacramento Bee: California could lead the way on criminal justice reform. First the Legislature must do away with cash bail

[53:00] From The Indiana Lawyer: COA: Sex offender registration is mandatory collateral consequence

[56:49] The Guardian: Hundreds dead, no one charged: the uphill battle against LA police killings

[1:05:54] People vs Kochevar:
Link to decision

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One thought on “RM39 – How Coerced Testimonies Are Like A School Bully

  1. In the case of Mr. Kochevar, I’m glad the court ruled how it did. I hope this would be applied to all those accused of sex offenses.

    Those officers knew they were duping a naive young man by using their position of friendship with the boy’s father. That was dead wrong. At no time did they ever tell him he was under criminal investigation for a sexual offense; a registerable sexual offense. Police are scum. They are NOT your friend. They are NOT there to help you. Forget what mamma and daddy told you growing up. The police of today, by far and large, are NOT your friends. Period!

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