RM40 – Don’t Hold Back Your Social Media Password

The Registry Matters Podcast moves into episode 40 this week. First up is to self congratulate for reaching > 100 YouTube subscribers. We have a branded YouTube Channel!!! Hooray. https://www.youtube.com/c/RegistryMatters. An article from the Economist posits why support for the death penalty is going up; Failure to report your social media passwords could put you behind bars; The California Bail bill might not be as great as everyone things; New sexual misconduct rules from the feds; Officer who shot 15y/o gets 15 years; Defendants pay to plead guilty in PA; a decision from the 7th circuit court of appeals against the homeless; Criminal justice system in SF waives fees for 21k people; an opinion piece by Lenore Skenazy; Intellectually challenged teen has sentence removed, but still in treatment to reduce recidivism; and podcast interview w/ Emily Horowitz. WOW! All of that content this week. Holy cow.

[10:00] The Economist: Why support for the death penalty is rising again in America

[19:10] Buffalo News: Sex offender gets jail for not reporting social media password

[23:30] The Marshall Project: So Much for The Great California Bail Celebration

[36:50] The NY Times: New U.S. Sexual Misconduct Rules Bolster Rights of Accused and Protect Colleges

[41:00] The Appeal.org: Defendants in PA pay a fee just to plead guilty

[49:30] NPR.org: Officer who shot 15 y/o boy in the back gets 15 years

[51:00] Decision from the 7th Circuit court of appeals

[1:06:50] The San Francisco Chronicle: Criminal justice system fees for 21k waived

[1:09:06] An opinion piece at the New York Times by Lenore Skenazy

[1:15:00] https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=N3fHkCFxgQQ

[1:18:00] The Appeal.org: Case Of Intellectually Disabled Teen Falsely Accused Of Sex Offense Reveals Registry Flaws

[1:21:13] Thaddeus Russell podcast Unregistered interview with Emily Horowitz

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3 thoughts on “RM40 – Don’t Hold Back Your Social Media Password

  1. Here in Florida registration of all Social Media Accounts are required. Passwords per say are not! But you must register e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (latter 2 Registrants not allowed) and any and all Social Media accounts. Any account can be obtained by Law Enforcement in Florida FDLE gives the registrant a special page to register all information, updates etc. And upon re-registration you are asked to verify that information with DOC Records. Again a password you used to start any Social Media account is not specifically asked for here in Florida. But again if a LEA has reasonable cause to access your accounts they must do so through the actual providers of those accounts. Also in Florida your e-mail is used by Law Enforcement to update the registrant to changes in laws and any changes to your information. JEV “True Confessions” NARSOL Newsletter Contributor

  2. A year for not giving a password. That’s not as bad as it could have been according to the article, but still it demonstrates that another purpose of our sex offender laws is to be a handy little legal booby traps. The truth is society does not want us among them to begin with so any of the flimsiest of excuses to lock us back up a calendar at a time is just fine with most.

    They are there to let the state or federal government lock registered citizens up on the most frivolous grounds; things that would never hold up for any other class of former felons or citizens at large. The sex offender laws are a carte blanche to allow registrants to be harassed and bullied by the state at every turn.

  3. Wouldn’t the ruling against homeless sex offenders make it easy for these registration officers to come up with all sorts of bull crap reasons to refuse to let people register just so they can list them as “non-compliant” and result in registrants being outright maliciously arrested?

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