RM164: Interstate Compact Revocation Hearings Explained

RM164: Interstate Compact Revocation Hearings Explained

Today’s episode, we have more content that we can jam into an hour. We have three questions from behind the walls of prison. We have a couple questions from outside the walls of prison. And then we’re going to dig into interstate compact, probable cause hearings. And we’re gonna talk about the late Justice Scalia and his his philosophy about evolving about the evolution of the Constitution and why it does not evolve.

When transferring to another state, there are so many complicated rules and who has control of whom, it’s just crazy. it’s very difficult for a person forced to register. Once you go through all those hurdles, it’s really bad to get set back on some whimsical thing. There’s a special rule for for people who like to take notes, the interstate compact household bench book, and there’s rules rule 3.103-3 makes it difficult because the person is not allowed to go to the to the state, the receiving state, they’re not allowed to leave the sending state until the residence has been approved.

[2:09] Scalia and the changing of the Constitution

[11:38]Final talking points on stocks, short squeeze, Patreon Extra on GameSpot

[15:18] Are all those convicted of sexual offenses, “Violent Sex Offenders”

[19:54] Age of consent of victims

[27:56] Interview with Brenda Jones, Executive Director of NARSOL, suggestions for projects with those that are still incarcerated

[36:51] Interstate Compact, Probable Cause Hearings


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