RM165: Huge Win In Tennessee Explained

In this weeks episode, we explained the recent decision in United States District Court of the Middle District of Tennessee. The governor of Tennessee was William Haslam. He was the defendant along with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director. It was two separate but identical complaints filed by the same attorney. The two cases were consolidated for the purposes of case management discovery and pre-trial motions. This is a four four plus year old case. The state did what states do: they filed every motion they could think of, and they tried like hell to get out of this, but they didn’t get out of it. They failed because the landscape has changed a lot due to the ruling from the Sixth Circuit. Does versus Snyder, and Tennessee is in the Sixth Circuit which makes doe versus Snyder controlling case law.

We also went over some questions from listeners and readers. It was an excellent show that you don’t want to miss!


[2:22] Transferring to a new state post prison

[7:14] Changes to the Federal probation system / First Step Act

[13:42] Dual citizenship with The UK and renouncing citizenship your US citizenship

[24:11] Covid and treatment and being released from prison

[31:00] Awesome Victory in Tennessee


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