RM166: GA Legislature Debating Extending Registration Explained

RM166: GA Legislature Debating Extending Registration Explained

This weeks episode of Registry Matters has us discussing in detail legislation from Georgia that has some very interesting language. This bill will allow some of those individuals on the registry to stay on for longer. This is amazing! Because that’s exactly what someone would want to do, which is stay on for longer. Even though there is no evidence that this would reduce the risk to the public. “Furthermore, there is also language that says Level II and III offenders are mostly all repeat offenders and they stay on the registry longer, anyway.”, District 14 State Rep. Mitchell Scoggins  (R, Cartersville) said. This is laughably false.

We had a multitude of questions as well. All in all, it was a really great episode!

[1:48] Note from attorney in the recent Tennessee case, covered on RM165: Huge Win In Tennessee Explained

[3:46] Ex-post-facto and Federal crimes

[8:20] Military convictions, Federal Bureau of Prisons, being released from prison

[13:12] So called probable cause hearings

[18:08] Convictions with “no evidence whatsoever”

[25:20] Romantic relationships: Can they prevent them? Yes. Conversation with Andres

[40:48] Georgia HR-347

[1:07:45] How does it feel to be finished with probation


Transcript of RM166: GA Legislature Debating Extending Registration Explained


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