RM167: Hijacking A Bill With Floor Amendments

RM167: Hijacking A Bill With Floor Amendments

Welcome to episode 167 of Registry Matters. This episode discusses an interesting concept of a “Floor Amendment”. It was used when the bill passed from one chamber to the next, an amendment was added to it. Instead of the chamber simply passing it with no alterations, a vote was required. And then, since the bills don’t match, it has to go back to the chamber it started on. It’s a bit like legislative ping pong.

[3:52] In Michigan the new law removes many restrictions on where you can be present. What restrictions does it leave in place

[5:34] Do I need to tell my landlord or HOA about the registry

[14:50] Is it easier to change your supervised release address when still in federal prison or when I get out

[19:11] Where in writing does it state a federal prisoner can not be released to halfway house in Florida?

[31:59] Can you publish novels or similar work for money while incarcerated

[33:48] https://www.startribune.com/case-challenging-constitutionality-of-the-minnesota-sex-offender-program-can-move-forward/600027094/

[40:10] Hijacking a Bill

[1:02:53] Would the recent ruling in Tennessee mean I could file a challenge with this as guiding case law and force the state to dial my registration obligations back to what was in place on April 12, 2002


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RM167: Hijacking A Bill With Floor Amendments

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