RM173: Louisiana Adopting A More Discreet Marking On Licenses

This week, we dive in to HB 56 going through Louisiana. It is an update to the recent unconstitutional ruling on their drivers license marking scheme. The Louisiana Supreme Court told them that they can’t do “that”. It was too much for their taste. The update is a significant improvement.

We also have a guest on to discuss real estate disclosure as it applies in Georgia. Your mileage may vary in your state. They are probably similar. We also have a couple letters from behind the walls of prison. We have SB 515 in Maryland which restricts a PFR from attending public school. And a couple other things to round it all out.

[2:14] John in Colorado says “DAs adore sex charges”

[5:47] James in Minnesota asks “Where is the Federal Registration law?”

[9:28] Larry’s comments about Bernie Madoff

[11:23] Video Clip with commentary from Wes Moore

[16:53] Guest Selena talks about PFR disclosure requirements in Georgia

[36:30] House Bill 56 In Louisiana

[44:44] Senate Bill 515 In Louisiana

[53:54] Is the Department of Community Supervision in Georgia notifying probationers of scam calls?


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