RM174: Convicted Without A Trial Is A Dangerous Road

We’ve got a discombobulated program tonight going in several directions. We’re going to be reviewing some letters from mostly behind the walls of prison. And we’ve got some articles. Hopefully we can go through all them. Then we have the George Floyd conviction and some observations and some old clips about criminal justice. The way elected officials were looking at it back in the 90s. And the way those elected officials are looking at today. We have an important Supreme Court ruling. Not necessarily on our issue, but in terms of explaining where the Supreme Court is, and where they’re likely to be for the foreseeable future in terms of criminal justice matters.

[4:43] Question from Mike regarding “trials”, but not in courtrooms – but in the public square

[9:20] Two part question: One about a “get off the registry” packet. Legit or not? And convincing Texas that the registry is punitive. Thus far, we haven’t been able to prove it

[15:40] This question is about the “catch-22” of not having programs in prison to better yourself. No programs, you can’t prove to the parole board that you’re improving yourself. And round and around you go.

[22:38] Question from New Jersey of excluding PFRs from criminal justice reform issues

[32:39] Attitudes on the violent crime bill of the 90s, in comparison to today

[48:39] https://www.courthousenews.com/supreme-court-upholds-life-sentence-for-teen-killer/

[53:52] https://apnews.com/article/health-prisons-d966b941a4e16e079a98da38a21c11f2

[57:00] https://www.courthousenews.com/connecticut-defends-prison-porn-ban-as-boon-to-female-staff/


Read Transcript of RM174: Convicted Without A Trial Is A Dangerous Road

Transcript of RM174: Convicted Without A Trial Is A Dangerous Road

RM174: Convicted Without A Trial Is A Dangerous Road

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