We have a jam packed episode. We have four questions. We have a story from the state of Iowa. We’re going to talk about the Supreme Court in a recent decision dealing with PFRs. We talk about the Prison Litigation Reform Act. And we’re going to cover some articles if we have time.

[4:00] Are POs lying when asked about you in court?

[11:30] Explanation of tiers in California

[17:36] Do social media platforms block PFRs, same as Disney may refuse entry into Disney World?

[21:28] Convictions from other states: Which rules do you need to follow?

[29:17] HF710 – Iowa law makes it illegal for sex offenders to babysit

Iowa General Assembly by Party

HF 710 Enrolled Act

[36:26] Supreme Court Overturns Habeas Win for Alaska Sex Offender

Alaska v. Sean Wright SCOTUS 2021

[50:57] Prison Litigation Reform Act

How The Prison Litigation Reform Act Has Failed For 25 Years

[53:05] Alabama approves expungement bill, but it’s only for low level crimes

[57:51] Supreme Court is wrong. Even children who killed don’t deserve life without parole

Read the Transcript of RM175: Supreme Court Overturns Win for Alaska PFR

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2 comments on “RM175: Supreme Court Overturns Win for Alaska PFR

  1. marlene says:

    what does PFR mean?

    1. andy says:

      Person Forced to Register

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