RM91: Teen is a Child Pornographer of Herself In MD

RM91: Teen is a Child Pornographer of Herself In MD

Welcome to Episode 91 of Registry Matters. After a 1 day delay for some technical challenges (we deeply apologize for the tardiness) we bring you an excellent episode. Our breaking news is the Maryland Court of Appeals (think Supreme Court of MD) gives us a decision to discuss regarding teen-sexting. Brenda Jones, the Executive Director of FAIR (the MD affiliate for NARSOL) to have a discussion about getting into the legislature to fix this craziness.

Governor Cuomo signs an extension to the statute of limitations for financial crimes – “fixing” a problem (not really); Should asking for sex be criminal?; The judge in the Epstein case is allowing alleged victim testimony at the final hearing; Pushing the clock back in the Weinstein case ; Mugshots may have erroneous information, which they received for free, and possibly ruining lives; A young woman in Maryland takes a naughty video of herself, and she’s the pornographer – says the Maryland Court of Appeals; Scalia analysis and challenge to our listeners of whether they should continue to be strict textualists; Lastly, an analysis of how citizen activism can make changes. In Napier, IL, a student led a charge to change how their peers are treated by the law enforcement apparatus.

[05:00] https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2019/08/26/cuomo-signs-bill-reinstating-6-year-statute-of-limitations-under-martin-act/

[11:00] https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/29/politics/west-virginia-republican-accused-prostitution/index.html

[16:10] https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2019/08/26/the-judge-in-epsteins-case-should-not-turn-the-dismissal-into-a-drama-for-the-victims/

[20:30] https://www.law.com/newyorklawjournal/2019/08/26/harvey-weinstein-sex-crimes-trial-delayed-after-he-pleads-not-guilty-to-new-charge/

[23:15] https://theappeal.org/pennsylvania-county-owes-67-million-after-man-finds-arrest-records-on-mugshots-com/

[32:15] https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/08/27/wrongly-imprisoned-years-st-louis-lamar-johnson/

[39:00] https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tasneemnashrulla/teen-sexting-child-pornography-maryland-law
In RE SK_Maryland Court of Appeals_2019

[1:00:00] https://www.reddit.com/r/Documentaries/comments/cw1wj9/breaking_the_cycle_2017_american_prison_warden

[1:06:30] A regular Scalia segment

[1:13:00] https://www.nctv17.com/news/walgren-inspired-bill-aims-to-support-questioned-students/

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